MMHC Apostolate and Ministry

"Bringing them closer at the foot of the cross."

As the religious institute shares in the Church's mission of evangelization, our apostolic thrust is geared to the youth in the secondary schools and those who suffer from moral and spiritual degradation behind prison bars. With hearts and souls warm with apostolic zeal for the young, we seek to reawaken their consciences and bring them to the foot of Christ's cross through Christian formation and by instilling in them authentic Marian devotion.


Conscious of this endeavor, we should possess a shepherd's love for his sheep. Our desire is to restore the dignity, self-respect and religiosity among the young who have lost these because of the pervading moral chaos. We seek no less than the holistic redemption of the youth. With hearts like Christ, we should be devoted to lead the youth from the desert of spiritual decay to the pastures of conversion and holiness. (MMHC Constitution, Ch. III, 53-54)

Youth for Mary and Christ

The Youth for Mary and Christ (formerly known as Youth Marian Crusade) is a movement that aims to reawaken the consciences of the youth, particularly in the public secondary schools, and bringing them closer to the foot of the cross by instilling in them a greater love for Christ and an authentic devotion to the Blessed Mother. Its main objective is to form fraternal, praying, apostolic and Christian communities within their schools.


To ensure that indeed fraternal, praying, apostolic and Christian communities are being established in their respective school chapters, activities and community gatherings are held to deepen their appreciation of their Christian faith and as well as to strengthen the camaraderie among members and their individual commitment.

Prison Ministry

Regular weekly visitations are held by the priests and brothers of the community in the New Bilibid Prisons in Muntinlupa in the northern region. In the south, several prisons all over the province are ministered by the congregation. Aside from the Provincial Jail in Bacolod, several district and city jails are also visited.


The MMHC Prison Ministry caters to both physical and spiritual needs of the inmates. The priests administer the Sacraments, particularly the Holy Eucharist and Reconciliation. The brothers present would give talks and catechisms in order for the inmates to further appreciate God's presence and relevance in their lives. The members visiting also provide food and other needs for the inmates.

Through the years of ministry, several programs are provided to them as a way to assist them in their rehabilitation and their formation towards reintegration to the society.

Marian Devotion

The congregation has also its mission to spread authentic devotion to the Blessed Mother. This is done through Local and Interscholastic Rosary Mass Rallies in honor of Mary, Block Rosaries, talks and symposiums on Mary, and other like activities. The MMHC, as a Marian congregation, is dedicated to make Mary known and be loved for she is the Mother of God and our Mother.

Diocesan Youth Ministry in Campus

The MMHC also assists in the Youth Ministry of the dioceses where their presence is requested. The Diocesan Youth Ministry in Campus (DYMC), established by the diocese, caters to spiritual needs of the youth in public schools.The MMHC community present in the diocese, together with other religious and lay groups, is entrusted to facilitate in this endeavor of the local church that envisions the youth to be closer to Christ through Mary.